Tesla Model 3 Preview

Tesla Model 3 is the safest and most affordable electric car in its class. The new Model 3 by Tesla carries simple but classy design with great offered mileage to impress. The exclusive new model by Tesla, Tesla Model 3 is now available for the US buyers and the UK buyers need to wait for it until next year. This new car is not cheap but offers best features at the price. Though the price is not fixed yet for UK buyers US buyers can buy this car at a fair price of $35,000 before incentives.

Safety and Warranty you get:

The new Tesla Model 3 is designed to offer highest safety ratings in each category. With the automatic emergency braking system and collision avoidance system, this car offers great safety. The car contains a total of eight airbags along with electronic safety and traction control system.

You get 4 years of limited warranty for 50,000 miles and 8 years of battery warranty of two types, standard and long range for 120,000 miles.

Check out the car’s specification:

This electric car is ready to impress the buyers with its simple looks and great color variants. The car’s width is 82.2 inch with folded mirrors which have 76.1-inch clearance. The front and rear of the car have a length of 62.2 inches, wheelbase of 184.8 inches, and charging port of 113.2 inches.



Check out the interior:

With the 15-inch touchscreen display and climate control system, this car also offers internet streaming radio. The textile seating will offer ultimate comfort to the users. The front seats are power adjustable and the steering column and side mirrors can be adjusted with custom driver profiles. The center console of the car has open storage with two different USB ports.


What extra’s do you get?

This class offers a 15-inch touchscreen to show the onboard maps and navigation of the car. In the car, you get direct Wi-Fi and LTE internet connectivity to use. It offers a remote climate control application with keyless entry.

What is more interesting about the car? It has voice-activated control options! So, when you will direct it to open the doors it will do so!  Not only this, this car is capable to do more!