Tesla’s New Power Bank and Superchargers will Amaze You

When you hear the name Tesla innovative electric vehicles comes into our minds, isn’t it? Tesla’s stunning Model S, Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi are just amazing. Now the company is trying to enter the electronics market with the all-new power bank. This power bank is inspired by supercharges of Tesla. Indeed, Tesla is the most talked and well-known company which specializes in making and designing innovative electric cars. If you haven’t heard yet about Tesla’s supercharges and the new power bank then check out the following detail.

Tesla’s amazing superchargers:

Tesla’s supercharges work as the world’s fastest charging stations. Tesla’s supercharge enables you to travel to your dream destinations aided by Superchargers that can charge your car to full in under 30 minutes which are capable to charge the Model S and Model X within minutes. The stations now have multiple superchargers so that you never stop on the roads. The charging stations are installed near restaurants, Wi-Fi hotspots and shopping centers to proving supercharging facilities.

You can enter the final destination and the trip planner will help you to navigate to Tesla’s supercharges along the way. You can stop there and charge up your model to start your journey again. You just plug in the charging station and Tesla’s supercharger will charge it up for you within maximum thirty minutes. The Tesla App will notify the user that the charging is done and he can start the journey again.

Tesla is exclusive installing supercharges in several urban areas where the travelers or city dwellers can easily charge up their vehicle. The charging stations are easily available and completely fit into the life of an individual.

About the technology which is used in Superchargers:

Tesla’s superchargers are capable to deliver energy quickly so that the vehicle gets charged up within a very short time. The charging gradually slows down as the battery of the vehicle starts filling. When the charging is done, it will alert you. Within some unnoticeable time, the vehicle gains required energy to continue the journey with the help of the super cool supercharges. According to Tesla, charging over 80 percent is not at all necessary.

Tesla’s new power bank: finishes charging within minutes

The new elegant and portable power bank of Tesla has amazing capabilities to charge smartphones within minutes. Isn’t it amazing? If you prefer elegant but simple design, then you will surely fancy this new power bank.  This power bank is exclusively designed to charge up smartphones with fast speed.

This power bank is available at a price of $45 or approximately Rs 4,750 and it is inspired by the supercharge by the Tesla Design Studio.

Cool features of the new power bank:

  • With a compact design, this charge can impress anybody by unique but simple design and style.
  • It has an integrated micro USB connection just like the Apple’s lighting connector which can charge both the iPhones and other smartphones. The integrated and detachable micro USB in Tesla’s power bank is just same as the Apple’s.
  • This power bank is manufactured by using highly efficient circuitry and has a maximum battery capacity of 3350 mAh.
  • It carries the same cell as the cells that the electric car companies use in their cars. It has single-18650 cell.
  • It has charge status indicator to indicate when the charging is finished.
  • The input of this power bank requires 1800 ± 200 mA and output as 5V per 1.5 Ampere current.

The new power bank uses same power cell as a Model S and X:

It’s true that the new power bank of Tesla carries the same power cells which are used in making Tesla’s Model S and Model X. It’s it shocking that Tesla is now making power banks for smartphones. This power bank a design attempt to meet fast charging requirements. Tesla’s design studio has used the same battery cells to design this power bank. It carries one single power cell with 3350 mAh capacity. Around 7000 of the same cell is used to fuel up Tesla’s Model S and Model X. it is capable of charging smartphones within minutes.

It’s amazing to see Tesla’s new power bank. With a simple design and affordable pricing, this power bank is getting popular day by day. As it supports charging in both the iPhones and smartphones, it’s a must buy product available in the electronics market. You can check out the online website of Tesla to find out more about Tesla’s supercharges and know the rates of charging.