Elon Musk Installs Worlds Largest Battery In Australia

Elon Musk has always been big on making claims, but you have to admit that he always delivers on claims no matter as outrageous as they may sound. He did something similar with the Australian government and committed to setting up the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in under 100 days or making it free and he handily beat that record by doing so in just 63 days after signing.

The South Australian Government notes that for the first time, clean wind energy can be siphoned to the grid 24/7 improving the system’s reliability, whether the wind is blowing or not. The 100MW battery farm has enough storage capacity to power more than 30,000 homes.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, South Australia Tesla Battery Farm

“The completion of the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in record time shows that a sustainable, effective energy solution is possible,” Tesla said in a statement. “We are proud to be part of South Australia’s renewable energy future and hope this project provides a model for future deployments around the world.

The feat is a culmination of months of work after CEO Elon Musk told Australian software billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes in March that the company could get a system installed within 100 days or else it is free.

Australia is a fitting experiment for Elon Musk as it has abundant wind and hydroelectric power capabilities and yet the cost of electricity in Australia increased 20 percent from 2012 to 2016.

To put this into perspective, South Australia has the highest electricity prices in the world. This imbalance of supply and demand has resulted in regular blackouts and astronomical bills for the state’s residents.

To clarify again, the high-capacity Tesla battery does not create energy, it just stores it. The state already invests in wind and solar energy. The battery would give it a bank of saved energy, which could ease the pressure during periods of high demand.

What this serves is a great example for the world, that they can remove their dependency slowly but definitely from the evergrowing unsustainable sources of energy not only are they inefficient, expensive but they harm the environment in the process setting Eart on a dangerous path of irreversible destruction.

Stakes would be higher for Musk to make this a viable idea globally, knowing the track record Elon is the right person who can convince the global community to change their habits.