Top 10 Gadgets of 2017

Here’s the complete list of top 10 best and unique gadgets of 2017:

1. Xbox One X

The 1TB gaming console, Xbox One X by Microsoft is definitely the best-released gadget
among all in 2017. If you really want to get the best gaming performance they buy one
Xbox One X at Rs 51,999. Microsoft’s Xbox One X is the most powerful console till now with
super cool 4K gaming support into its sleek package. This console is definitely the ultimate
choice for all the gamers who want screaming performance while experiencing the high-
end gaming on PC.

2. Apple Watch 3

The super cool Apple Watch 3, the latest smartwatch by Apple is definitely one of the best-
launched gadgets of2017 which is now available at Rs. 29,900. This watch has received some
serious upgrades and offers more new features that Apple Watch 2. It supports LTE
connectivity and you can receive calls and texts even when your smartphone is out of
range. With a faster processor and a barometric altimeter, this watch is a better option
than a larger screened smartphone.

3. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic

Nintendo’s iconic grey-and- purple Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic was
launched in 2017 which comes loaded with the 21 retro titles including the famous The
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, and Donkey Kong Country. You will
feel great when the controller will be in your hand and you will enjoy playing. You can shop
it from Amazon at just $124.99!

4. Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop is the real winner among all. You will surely love its light and
elegant design with a sharp screen and a long-lasting battery life. This laptop is definitely a
great choice for anyone who is seeking for a new Windows computer. With the newer
version of Windows, Windows 10 S this laptop can only run programs from the Microsoft’s
app store. This allows faster performance with more battery life and better security. Users
can also upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free for a limited time and after that, the
permanent upgrade will cost $50.

5. Apple iPhone X

Yes, this smartphone is pretty expensive but it has the super cool face recognition feature
along with great cameras. Though will probably have a hard time getting your hands on it
when you will use you it, you will find it worthy to buy. Its edge-to-edge screen is a
delightful treat for all the iPhone X users. The perfect combination of sharp cameras, a long
battery life, and more palatable size makes the Apple’s iPhone X a top pick among all.
6. Amazon Echo (2nd gen)
The hands-free speaker, Amazon Echo 2nd  generation is definitely one of the best gadgets of
2017 which can be controlled by using voice. This gadget connects to the Alexa Voice service
and plays any music track that the user wants to listen. It can make calls and send or receive
messages as per the user’s instructions. Its design is shorter and more attractive and it has a
great speaker which includes a woofer and a tweeter. It’s available at 7.99$ on Amazon.

7. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 is definitely one of the best smartphones in 2017 and that
makes it one of the best gadgets of 2017. This phone may not have been the first phone,
but its exquisitely curved display has made it among the most attractive smartphones of
2017. Not to mention, it has an eye-popping OLED display and simplified software with a
lot of the extraneous features. This is definitely the best phone offered at the best price.

8. Sony Alpha A7R III

The Sony Alpha A7R III is a great gadget which has been launched in 2017. This model has
received some notable improvements over its previous version’s predecessor. It also
comes at a cheaper price than the Sony’s A9 Alpha. This camera is definitely one of the
best mirrorless cameras until today at the best possible price. It is capable of shooting at
twice the resolution of the A9 Alpha and offers an autofocus which is faster than the
previous A7R II camera.

9. LG Signature W-Series "Wallpaper" TV

This TV is definitely the best-launched TV in 2017 which has a huge screen to make the
movies and videos look fantastic. With an eye-popping display, this TV can blend
seamlessly into the living room. This 65-inch TV costs $7,999 and it weighs just 16 pounds
with a thickness of .15-inches.

10. DJI Spark

DJI’s palm-sized drone Spark is more convenient to use. The standout feature of this drone is that it doesn’t require any remote control to control its navigation. It can easily take off and land down with ease. It can fly both higher and lower. It’s definitely one of the best gadgets of 2017.