Detroit: Become Human a PS4 Masterpiece

The game Detroit: Become Human comes from the game developers Quantic Dream’s and this is only their fifth game in almost two decades. It follows a similar interactive adventure format to its immediate predecessors. The developer promises to feature more gameplay and control than either. I played the initial level of the first act in order to find out what that means.

The Story

Detroit: Become Human is set in the year 2036, it depicts a society where technology blends with the metropolitan streets and bustling inhabitants we know today. It also shows a world where humanoid androids are commonplace, fulfilling jobs previously held by humans while also acting as personal assistants for the wealthy.

The Gameplay

It feels like there is more variety in gameplay through the use of characters throughout.  Although, as their stories intertwine down the line, you feel even more that your actions with one are directly linked to the outcomes of another.

Opening Act

The opening moments sees you controlling Connor as he enters an ongoing hostage situation, where a young girl is being held at gunpoint as the perpetrator goes upon the edge of a rooftop. Immediately, you are tasked to analyze the crime scene with a sense of pace. There are brilliantly tense moments as you re-enact encounters from the evidence that slowly increase your probability of successfully saving the girl. Once you have compiled enough evidence you step onto the balcony, here you can see a rampant android panicked, and holding the girl at gunpoint on the edge of the roof. This means you’ll have to make the right choices to peacefully resolve the matter. It is designed in such a way so that you feel part of and in control of the whole narrative and conclusions.


In conclusion, after playing through the opening hours of Detroit: Become Human I’m excited to see more and witness this awesome new way of storytelling.

Embedded in the whole gameplay of the first part that I have played in PlayStation 4