Why buying an iPhone X doesn’t make sense in 2018 ? Enter Oneplus 6

After much anticipation, Oneplus has unveiled its latest flagship phone the Oneplus 6 a successor to the 5T, but who are we kidding, it’s actually a spiritual successor to the X, their first all-glass back phone.

Oneplus has now and then, showed up it’s much more expensive rivals like the Samsung’s Galaxy S series & Google’s very own Nexus & now Pixel line. Through this, they have gained a reputation for being a no-nonsense smartphone that cost well below its much expensive rivals while offering performance at par or sometimes slightly better.

In this regards, we get to today’s topic as you could make out: Why buying an iPhone X doesn’t make sense in 2018

There may be many reasons why the iPhone X doesn’t make sense to you; we list out a few of them:
  1. A New iPhone launch is just around the corner, it is expected that by September the successor to the iPhone X will launch following a similar design language, and get this it’s expected to start at $550 instead of the outrageous $999 price tag that killed the chances of the iPhone X being a major seller.
  2. Because you are an Android Fan, and love all Google services and are in tune with the ecosystem, and are not willing to give up the amazing voice assistant of Google that will be able to do much more than just tell you the weather, as shown in the Google I/O 2018.
  3. You just don’t need all that power and seamless functionality, all you want is a decent smartphone that can take selfies for your Instagram account then phones like the Moto G6, Redmi Note 5 Pro or Oppo Realme 1 would do the trick. These phones offer good performance and punch above its class in many of their feature offerings.
  4. You want the fastest, biggest & baddest smartphone but don’t want to spend much money while doing so. Here enters the Oneplus 6, now we are going to look at the prices from an Indian perspective, a 64 GB Oneplus 6 in India costs Rs. 34,999/- whereas a 64 GB iPhone X in India costs Rs. 89,999/-, that is approximately 2.6X times the price.

This goes on to show, No Matter even if you are apple, you cannot price a consumer smartphone at $999 for an entry-level model. The cold response from the consumer really showed that even Apple can’t expect to price their phone so high. There were several factors to the iPhone X costing what it did, the major challenge was obviously the AMOLED 2K Full View display which was sourced from Samsung.

So, the question that follows is from you my valuable readers, do you think the iPhone X 2.6 time’s price is justified over the Oneplus 6.

Let me know, would you buy a Oneplus 6 or iPhone X?

If you have bought either, why did you make the choices?

Leave your response in the comments section.

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