Tech News June 2018

This article will be covering the Tech News happening all over the world in June 2018.

Snapdragon 850 Launching for Windows Notebook

To start off, Qualcomm has just unveiled their “latest & greatest” Snapdragon 850 processor for their Windows 10 notebook line-up which is currently dominated by the likes of Intel & AMD. Snapdragon 835 already exists in the notebook market; the Snapdragon 850 with its ARM architecture is due to make its debut with the new Samsung notebooks to come out later this year. Do you really think QUALCOMM should step into this market or should it leave to more established players like Intel & AMD?

iOS 12 Public Beta Launches at WWDC 2018

At WWDC 2018 Apple unveiled its public beta access for iOS 12 and has some new features, not much of a design or visual overhaul, more like they have added a bunch of new features like Group notification, so all the notification from a single app will get grouped in a single notification and you can tap to expand it, although you still can’t act on the notification while being in the same screen like android.

A new addition of characters to Animoji, there is a Koala, A ghost, A Trex and they all now come with tongue detection, you can also make a Mimoji and customize it to completely look like you or anything, hmmm…what would you make your memoji look like. Leave it in the comments down below

Siri Shortcuts, I wasn’t looking forward to this, I wanted them to maybe make Siri much smarter, but this will have to do for now. It basically allows you to map any in-app action or command to any phrase we want.

The AR Kit app Measure, it basically lets you point to anything and measure how long, tall, thick or how much volume they might have

Also, It has Group Facetime, you can do face time with up to 32 people at one time. Good Luck finding 32 people with iPhones and iOS 12 in it.

Blackberry Key2 Smartphone Launches

The Blackberry Key2 has been launched for all you blackberry enthusiasts, do you plan on buying it for a price of $649.

Watch the Video of the News that happened this month: