MSI GF63 8RC Gaming Laptop Review

Today we look at why the MSI GF63 8RC Gaming notebook makes sense for you, and if you should go for this over all the other options that are available in the market today.

We take a look at the 7 Frequently asked Questions from th laptop and we replied:

What does one expect from a Gaming Laptop to be? That It should weigh at least like a regular laptop and shouldn’t be too big.


Well the MSI GF63 takes it one step further, delivering Ultrabook level slimness at 21.6mm and weighing at an unheard of 1.8 kgs for a full-fledged Gaming Notebook. It supports a desktop-grade GTX 1050 4GB Graphics card and a fully capable intel’s core i5 8300H processor paired with a high-speed 8GB DDR4 2666 Mhz RAM.

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Now let me break down each part of this notebook for you:



Intel specifies the TDP of the i5 8300H at 45 watts and therefore the i5 is only suited for big laptops with really good cooling solutions. If we compare to its current generation sibling the i5 8250u that is being used in all the ultra-books this generation, the 8300H is 15 to 20 % faster in single core benchmarks and by as much as up to 35% faster in multi-core application scenarios. It handily beats out the last generation gaming king the Intel 7700HQ by a solid margin of 10 to 15% in all benchmarks.


It has a Geforce GTX 1050 4GB, a standard seen in many laptops this generation, however, it is a wonder that they have this chip riding on such a compact chassis.

The Ram

At 2666 MHZ makes it one of the fastest versions of Ram fitted in a laptop and very few manufacturers actually go ahead and put this RAM owing to how expensive these are.

The Display


Another strong suit for this machine at 15.6” sporting an IPS Grade panel it can get relatively bright at 270 Nits and the colors stay reasonable accurate. I haven’t done any color calibration and I assume many who buy this will be using this in its factory form. Where this display shines is in its implementation of really thin side bezels and being fit into a chassis not bigger than that of a 14” laptop.

The Battery

is rated at around 51Watts non-removable, which should be decent for battery backup while not gaming. The company claims it can deliver of up to 7Hrs performance, when I tested it with a range of work with WI-Fion, at Low to Medium brightness I could get around 5hrs of backup with Chrome running throughout, up to seven tabs being open in one go, YouTube being streamed at least for two hours at full HD which is decent.

The keyboard


By Steel Series, uses a single color that glows red, so no RGB here, but I’m fine with it as the keyboard is well spaced a bit different as per my liking but no complaints here.

The Trackpad

is a different story altogether, its decently sized has a faux metal feel to it and is very smooth to the touch and it uses the windows precision driver making the gestures and tracking absolutely a joy. I didn’t know to work in a trackpad would be so much fun, and I occasionally see myself not using my wireless mouse.

The Build


The magic happens when u put all of this together in a slim, compact & lightweight chassis. This is a feat very few companies can achieve without having their laptops CPU throttle to sub-optimal performance levels. MSI has cleverly implemented what they call cooler boost technology, what this does is, with just a click of a button it ramps up the fan speed from 2000 rpm to around 6000rpm. This allows for the heat to dissipate if your laptop is getting hot, taking only 30 seconds for your laptop to become cool. Or you might be into heavy gaming, so just keep the cooler boost on at all times and the laptop will stay cool even under sustained load and the CPU will maintain most of its boost speed. These nifty touches just make this a delight to use. This solution just works, and I am surprised at not seeing more manufacturers implementing this.

Not that I am saying that this laptop doesn’t get hot but in comparison to other laptops this has a clever design and feature implementations that help you manage the heat better and keep the laptop cool. If we are using cooler boost and gaming while pushing the CPU quite a bit, the temps should stay well below 80 degrees and hover at around 72 to 75 degrees which is very acceptable and it manages to maintain a steady boost speed allowing for it to handily use it in more resource intensive tasks like video editing and long hours of gaming sessions.

At a price point

Rupees 79,990. This is the only slim & light truly portable gaming notebook. When coming to buying, there are a few notebooks offering similar performance at this price range

  1. Dell G3 is a competent gaming machine for the same price and offers an additional 128 GB SSD, but is thicker with massive bezels around the sides of the screen, bigger and quite a bit heavier at 2.7 KGs.
  2. The Asus TUF FX series laptop can be had for much less at around 70,000 (even lesser in some websites), it offers the same specs in addition to a 128 GB SSD, although it’s something that you would want to only keep inside your home as it looks really ugly. Although it’s lighter than the Dell G3 at 2.3 KGs.

Coming to the Performance as I mentioned earlier it has high-grade components that truly shine when using this laptop for any tasks. Let us look at a few games performing in this machine.


For Gameplay Video of 16 Games Performance


The most popular title out right now is the Far Cry 5, with its DUNIA engine can tax even the most promising of graphics cards, but it plays admirably on the MSI GF63 8RC, with the added headroom of the 4GB Video memory, you would rarely see a dip below 32 FPS, and keep much above 30 FPS at all times. This is with 1080p (Full HD) resolution and ULTRA settings, only keeping the shadows to medium.

Minimum FPS: 29; Maximum FPS: 39 Average FPS: 35

Luckily during the gameplay, the Average goes even higher.

2018-09-17 (21).png

2018-09-17 (5).png

2018-09-17 (6).png

2018-09-17 (16).png

2018-09-17 (8).png

2018-09-17 (11).png

2018-09-17 (15).png

For me, the gameplay remains very smooth and kept the quality at almost the highest settings and had an amazing time playing this game.


This game looks really good and runs at the ULTRA settings, no compromises required at 1080p Full HD. The game runs anywhere between 35 – 45 FPS.

2018-09-17 (17).png

2018-09-17 (20).png

2018-09-17 (18).png

2018-09-17 (19).png

The gameplay remains really smooth, and never did I feel like I needed to turn down the settings, mostly the game stays well above 35 FPS.

As you could see for yourself that this laptop is decent for mid-high end gaming at 1080p, so going in don’t expect buttery smooth 60+ frames in the latest and most high-end game and you should be just fine.

This laptop truly pushes the boundaries of what a Thin & Light gaming notebook is capable of.

I can see myself carrying this laptop to work every day and using it for my daily productivity tasks with some sense that the battery would at least last me 5 to 7 hours, also I can use its HDMI port to give presentations when needed. And, in the days when I’m feeling bored, I know that turning on the red Led backlit keyboards will bring the fun back.

After being tired for the whole day, when returning from office, you can rest assured that the weight won’t be a burden for you at just 1.8 KG and a slim profile.

Upon reaching home it is a quick unwind and with a press of a button to turn on its Turbo boost mode you can let its entire power run wild.

If you are planning on buying this notebook, please use our Amazon affiliate links down below for the most recent pricing. Leave your comments down below and I will answer all your questions.