Philips SPA 60 2.0 Speakers: A Users Review

A complicated naming shadows a solid pair of speaker

This review is from an end user who is going to be using these speakers as a daily driver. It almost feels like portable speakers are the new product category for consumer gadget makers. Every second day a new portable speaker comes out and is reviewed by reviewers. This is not one of them; these speakers launched early last year and made no waves in the market. To understand what these speakers are all about we have to understand all the aspect of the speakers and how we feel about it:

Design & Build Quality

The Philips SPA 60 Speaker has got a Classy & Retro design. We love how this speaker looks and maybe it is because of its shape and color combinations. The SPA 60 is a 2.0 Speaker compact setup and is one of the more sturdier built small sized speakers I have used in recent years. Its enclosure is made up of glossy plastic and with exposed drivers It makes it look quite unique and cool. Both the speakers are connected to each other via wires, and they plug into a USB and an AUX socket. The color combinations they are available in are Black & Blue, Red & Black, Yellow and Black.


For the connectivity options, the Philips SPA 60 Speakers are very limited and supports only wired connectivity. I.e. you have to connect one USB cable to the USB drive and for sound output into an AUX port. There are no buttons on the speaker itself; there is a volume controller on the wire with which you can control your music volume.

Sound Quality

The first things you notice about these speakers are its look, once you get past that and you turn these on you get the full effect of just how good these sound. The sound clarity is very nice, even at 70 % volume the sound doesn’t get distorted, and they do get a hell of loud. Post the 70 – 80 % benchmark the sound quality does deteriorate a bit but never to the point that they sound terrible. The sound never sounds flat and always maintains healthy treble and good bass.
Go with an intention of not expecting it to compete with full-fledged 2.1 speaker system and you should be fine.

Price & Overall Performance

What makes this an amazing buy is the price of INR 649/- ( $ 10), there is no competitor to these speakers and the performance you get out of these wouldn’t let you down, whether you are watching a movie, listening to music or even playing games these speakers are perfect.

Check my video review here:

The Good: The Philips SPA 60 is a very compact speaker that fits into any table. It looks good and sounds nice and can get sufficient loud for a small sized room

The Bad: The connectivity options are very limited and need a USB socket for charging and an Aux input. The speakers can start crackling a bit beyond 70% volume.

The Bottom Line Philips SPA 60 has a retro design and budget price make it an appealing desktop speaker if you are limited on space

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