Top 5 Reasons for Using Telegram 

There has been a growing chunk of companies coming into the foray of messaging services. The sole purpose of these apps is to make our lives easier and to be able to establish a better connection with our loved ones, post opinions or just find someone special and also for some reason share cat memes. 

There has been no dearth of messaging applications in the recent mobile ecosystem in providing public messages, personal messages, vine messages, or video chats messaging application like Whatsapp, Google Hangout, Skype, Viber, Twitter, whisper, facebook messenger, hike just to name a few.
Today I want to share my experience of using the Telegram app, to be honest when I was given to write and research on this article I hadn’t heard much about them besides them being involved in the post Edward Snowden era and providing some level of security to the messages shared between individuals. I was very certain that I would not be using it as my daily driver, as I feel that a messenger app is an ecosystem that you build with getting your friends on it, so it’s a huge investment and a lot of trusts that a person puts on an app while using it. But the more I used the more it got interesting.
These are the 5 of the coolest features I feel set it apart from the now ever growing app ecosystem and will keep me involved in it for a long time.
– Secret Chat Window
With a growing concern for security and privacy all over the world online and offline, Telegram has taken a step to address some of its major concerns.
The Secret chat window allows you to be online and wait for the person to come online, once online you can start exchanging messages. All the messages and smiley’s exchanged are encrypted end to end, which means that the company, your neighbor hacker, and especially if someone has bugged your phone they won’t be able to read your text. Although, there is a bit of controversy around this that the metadata can be read i.e. a message sent and received would be registered, but is the safest form of communication in today’s apps. Get this the app doesn’t even allow you to take a screenshot while in the secret chat window. There is also an option of self-destruction timer for every message i.e. 3 sec, 5 sec and so on. Meaning we can’t go back to the messages we had exchanged earlier and there is no option of either copying the message or forwarding the messages.
Although, the one thing that it can’t do is stop people from prying into your phone.
– The Self Destructing Telegram Account
If you are a fan of the Mission impossible movies, you must be aware of the self-destructing sunglasses that was used, although not quite as much bombastic as that. The app has a provision inbuilt for self-destruction timer, this is an always-on functionality, the user can set the duration of inactivity in which the app would self-destruct i.e. if a user is not using an app for 1/2/3/6 months, then it would delete your account altogether.
This can prove very useful if you are on a mission to kill (pun intended)
– Access to your Telegrams from any Platform
Tell me how many times has this happened to you that you are highly vested in a particular app, and you change your device to a windows based one (probably not) and if you don’t have your mobile around and want to access the same app from your desktop then It can prove to be more difficult or impossible to access as very rarely do they provide cross-platform support. The telegram comes as a savior and guarantees that the app is along with all its features are accessible from all the platforms i.e Mac, iOS, PC, Linux, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and if you have none of the above they provide a web version of Telegram App.
Multi – Platform
– File sharing customized for all you peeps
Let’s admit that no one uses e-mail to send messages to friends or family, It’s only used when you are communicating with an office space (increasingly less so) or trying to send a zip or a file format not supported by your favorite messenger or a makeshift solution of Dropbox or something similar. This is where Telegram comes to save the day, a user can share a single file size of incredible 1.5 GB (sometimes a limitation on e-mail as well). What sweetens the deal is that all widely used formats can be shared on it. One can store the files in the Telegram cloud and that too with a high level of security, with the provision to delete the file with just a click of a button (given there is a few restriction on the iOS ecosystem).
– Editing Messages after Sending
This feature is one that truly sold me on the platform, how many such instances are there when I would drop a message in a hurry and would want to edit immediately *I’m looking at you auto-correct*. The cool thing is that you can send mute messages and can edit them post sharing on public and private channels. This can be used to send messages if the message is not that important, or at night if you want the recipient to have a good night’s sleep and check the message in morning.
There are various other features that make it an all-rounder while being as good and besting many of its competitors such as:
– Enabling the Popup Icon to respond directly from the home screen
– Hiding the last seen from selective users or from everyone
– Search for particular messages just by keywords
– Locking accounts and specific conversations.
– Fully Encrypted Cloud-based Storage
– Having the ability to incorporate a nearly unlimited library of memes and be a truly versatile app
So, can it rock the boat for the established players, probably so but it’s not trying to do that. In fact, this app can co-exist alongside the others providing a niche that people are looking for and it seems that the founders had decidedly made Telegram with its audience in mind.
This messenger can truly be appreciated by users who care about security, versatility and a truly multi-platform experience.
To close on a lighter note: Telegram is the app that the users can’t stop loving and probably would be next worst app for Government surveillance after p***hub.