SpaceX Falcon Heavy based Mars Plans

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has never been much for small talk and he made that very clear as he laid out an exciting vision to make humans as an interplanetary species with humans colonizing Mars and having a lunar base and presence beyond it.

The plan is more interesting and exciting to look towards the future. One big part of SpaceX is that it renders all the vehicles of SpaceX redundant with the focus towards their BFR ” Big F***ing* Rocket “.

It will be scaled down from the initial huge conceptual design and will be going to be the booster which will replace Falcon 9. The Falcon Heavy carries capabilities of servicing International Space Station to reach the Mars and the help in the establishment of the moon base.

The SpaceX has shown the company engine tests of the rocket with the notice that the largest and continuous burn test is the 100 seconds but there is usually 40 seconds required for the landing on Mars.

Along with the propulsive landing needed on the Mars, SpaceX carries perfection with the Falcon 9 which is its major reason behind 16 successful landings without any redundancy. The Falcon 9 carries amazing landing over the single engine with higher reliability.