Why Buying an iPhone X is a Tricky Decision? User Review

This review is from the end user who has used the iPhone X on daily basis. The iPhone X is the most expensive and most important newer Smartphone from Apple within four years that has come up with the most important change in its design with the removal of the home button in its full-screen experience.

Design language & Build Quality
The ultra-legend iPhone X is the first Apple phone to use the OLED display as it offers the thinner phones but giving them accuracy is a little challenge. By the use of 5.8 inches OLED display, its custom design is better than the other Smartphones in the market.

The Good
The greatest blend of big, gorgeous and comfortable OLED screen with rear camera outshoots 8 plus within low light makes it best phone but with a higher price. The front camera carries beautiful and impressive portrait selfies. The Face ID works completely fine as well.

The Bad
No home button and newer interface mean it needs major adjustment and the presence of key features including Control Center is much difficult to use and reach. It needs some little adjustment in the apps optimization. The phone is quite expensive.

The Bottom Line
The iPhone was overdue a much-needed evolution and we got that with the X, I can only feel more comfortable with what the future has in store for the iPhone going forward. No matter how big an apple fanboy you are, you will miss the lighting fast fingerprint scanner below the screen when you have to look towards your phone always to turn on your handset by using the face recognition feature.