XBOX One X True Competitor To PS4 Pro

Good news for all the gamers out there to experience the ultimate 4k gaming. Recently Microsoft has launched its new Xbox One X which is now considered to be the world’s most powerful gaming console. Now, it’s giving a serious competition to the old PlayStation 4 Pro of Sony. It’s highly discussable about which one to choose from the two. Though it isn’t time for any PlayStation 5, it’s time to experience the all-new Xbox One X by Microsoft. Day by day the gaming PCs are getting more powerful and cost-effective and every gamer wants the best gaming console. Isn’t it?

About Microsoft’s Xbox One X:

(World’s most powerful gaming console: Microsoft’s Xbox One X)

The brand new Xbox One X by Microsoft is ready to elevate the older gaming experience by offering up-scaled 4K gaming experience with the best processing boost. This console is manufactured by Microsoft to deliver faster and better performance than the other gaming consoles available in the market.

About Sony’s PlayStation 4:

Now, if we take about Sony’s old PlayStation 4, this gaming console is one year old now. It is an advanced and updated version of the previous standard PS4 and offers up-scaled 4K gaming experience to the gamers just like Microsoft’s new Xbox One X.

If it is difficult to choose between the two then you can check out the detailed comparison and find out the best-suited gaming console for you and enjoy the 4k gaming experience:

Performance Comparison:

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro provides power by an upgraded AMD Jaguar chipset that is capable of providing 4.2 teraflops of high-quality graphics processing capabilities. The intention is for the console to better scale up to a maximum target of 4K resolution.  With steadier frame rates and a checkerboard rendering technique of resolution scaling the PS4 pro only falls shy of the XBOX One X

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is considered to be the most powerful gaming console. Like Pro 4, it’s built on the older platform like Xbox One. But, it contains a new GPU by offering graphics output of 6 teraflops.

So, to conclude if power is what you are going after and a smoother and sustained 4K gameplay then it’s safe to say that the One X has more power than Pro 4.

Game Library:

Let’s be honest now, why do we buy a gaming console; it’s for the exclusives that come along with it.

You can be a Sony or a Microsoft Fanboy but you have to agree that the quality of the exclusive AAA titles of the Sony platform was better and had more range to it.

The Play station 4 has been a powerhouse when it comes to exclusive titles and has been for quite some time. Well, those days are behind Sony and Xbox has been covering grounds and have come up with some excellent games in its studios i.e. Gears of War, Forza Horizon, Halo, Quantum Break to name a few.

So in this comparison, I would leave it to the end users and their game preference.

Compare available media options:

Both the gaming consoles offer the ultimate 4K streaming champs. They support content from various services including the Netflix and YouTube at the resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Both of them offer stunning media options.

But Sony’s Pro 4 can’t handle physical 4K media and has opted not to offer the Ultra HD Blu-ray player. So, it is unable to run several 4K capable discs. But Microsoft’s one X supports 4K Blu-ray player. You can enjoy the ultimate picture and audio quality on the Xbox One X with various available media options.

So, Xbox One X has better media options than Sony’s Pro 4.

Compare the compatibility:

Both the gaming consoles are enhanced versions of the previous devices. Each of them supports all the previous and releasing games from different platforms. If back compatibility is a key to your gaming needs then XBOX is the way to go.

So, One X offers better compatibility with previous versions.


In conclusion, if we look at the PS4 Pro in isolation it is one hell of a gaming console and being an avid Play station junkie, but sadly that’s not how it is. The PS4 Pro is overshadowed and shown as a much inferior machine in almost all tasks be it Back compatibility, Blue-ray support or Gaming itself.

The PS4 Pro is available for a price of $399 and the XBOX One X is available for a price of $499.

With a price difference of $100, the PS4 redeems itself but not by much that I would suggest it over the One X.

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