Google Releases PixelBook 2017

Google has just unveiled its beautiful piece of hardware the Pixelbook 2017. PixelBook is a beautiful machine with a price tag to match. Its specifications and Google Assistant integration seem promising and seem to provide an experience that is quite ahead of its last year model.

We try to break down what the Pixelbook has to offer us in 2017 that other competitors are not already offering

Release Date:

Google PixelBook has been out since 31st October 2017.


Starting price of Google PixelBook is at $999, at this price. It comes powered by a core i5 7th Generation processor.

At the higher side of the configuration, it comes with core i7 7th Generation along with 512GB of SSD Storage coming at a cool $ 1649

New Features:

Google PixelBook is the first ever laptop with Google Assistant. With this PixelBook, you can have full access to Android apps. Also, it includes an optional pen that aims to bring the device on par. Stylus supports 60-degrees of angular awareness. It has 2,000 levels of pressure sensitivity. It all happens in just 10 milliseconds of latency.


The Google PixelBook is terrifyingly thin at 10mm when closed and weighs just over two pounds.

It is equipped with a powerful processor with i5 and i7 processors that start out at 8GB of memory. That means this powerful machine can run any demanding programs.

Display of the Google PixelBook is Quad HD resolution and the density is 235ppi. It supports up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB SSD.

And not just in terms of its sharp design and impressive specifications, moreover, by the fact that the Pixelbook is the best of both worlds – it runs Chrome OS and tons of Android apps natively out of the box. Luckily the Built-in Storage capacity is more than enough that you can actually store Android apps.

So to conclude, Google’s new device has a lot going for it and sadly no one is going to buy it because you can buy a MacBook at the same price and also a very decent windows powered laptop.

This is geared towards the lesser power intensive users who don’t need power tools and in that respect as much as I love it, I would not suggest to go out and buy it maybe few years down the line it becomes a must buy. But, at the moment its a miss.