Tesla Launches The Semi Truck

The Tesla Semi truck is a slick and a menacing looking beast of a vehicle, I have never in my life said that I want to review a Truck, but here I am giving my opinion on the same. This is exactly what I expect to see from Tesla, as it attempts to make a semi truck that lives up to the brand image of “making the future seem cool

Tesla has presented its eagerly awaited Semi. It is an electric truck. It will be a revolution of delivery on the road. Because it is faster, cheaper and safer than anything that has previously transported goods in long-distance transport.

But what exactly is the Tesla Semi Truck capable of?


It has four independent drives on the rear axles. The tractor alone is supposed to accelerate from zero to almost 100 km / h in just five seconds thanks to the direct transmission without gears and differentials that is common in e-cars – sports car values. Packed with 30 tonnes of cargo on the trailer, the sprint from 0 -60 miles per hour takes 20 seconds, still much faster than a truck with an internal combustion engine and extremely helpful in overtaking maneuvers. The top speed will be 104 km/hour, up to a gradient of five percent.


On stage, Musk boasted about the truck’s reliability and durability. He guaranteed that the semi truck will not break down for a million miles. “The truck will actually anticipate when it needs maintenance and inform you ahead of time,” said Musk, after touting the durability of the “armor glass” windshield. It is supposed to have a ‘Thermonuclear explosion-proof glass’

Range & Speed:

Among Tesla Semi’s unique capabilities are a 0-60 miles per hour time of 5 seconds unloaded and the same sprint in 20 seconds with 80,000 pounds of load. It is able to maintain a speed of 65 mph up a 5% grade with a full load. The vehicle comes guaranteed that it would not break down for a million miles, and it will come in two configurations a 300 and 500 mile range.

The Tesla Semi Truck want’s to change how the Trucking business works and provide improved efficiencies in the same.