Exclusive on Amazon Prime: The Grand Tour Season 2 Premiere Date on December 8

If you have watched the first season of The Grand Tour then you must be eagerly waiting for the season 2. Well, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, gear up your engines as it’s time for the all-new The Grand Tour Season 2 which will stream on December 8 exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Previously in “The Grand Tour”

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The first series of thirteen episodes aired on Amazon Prime on November 18, 2016. It is presented by The “Orangutan” aka Jeremy Clarkson, “Mr. Slow” aka James May and “Hamster” aka Richard Hammond. If anyone knew the Top Gear drama that spiraled out of hand leading to the exit of Jeremy and both obviously lead straight out of the BBC office into the hands of Jeff Bezos at Amazon Prime. This season had a spectacular world event where they would go in their Travelling tents and meet people of all different countries and guess what they had a dedicated test track which was designed to trip cars up and several running gags with “The American” not a big fan. With thirteen unique and thrilling episodes, the first season was a big success and people are still eagerly waiting for the new season to air. It seems like the time is near.

The teaser trailer for the new season:

An exclusive teaser trailer for the new season is already launched on November 1 in Amazon Prime Video. The duration of the trailer is around two minutes and in two minutes it has created a lot of interest and enthusiasm among the audience about the new season.

This trailer features James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond and you will see them driving in different types of difficult terrain which is nothing new. You will see them driving rough through the off-road mucky areas or down a snowy mountain. The best part is, you will see then driving over the water.

A cool blaring of “Live and Let Die” by Sir. Paul McCartney is heard in the background of the trailer.  With many revving engines, the teaser trailer will thrill you by the vehicles. The Grand Tour is indeed Amazon’s first hit show globally and it ready to entertain people with the all-new season.

The filming of the new season:

The new season is filmed across five different continents. The stars of this season have traveled many places including Mozambique, Croatia, Dubai, Switzerland, Spain, Colorado, New York, and more. The viewers can see the filming which is mostly done in Mozambique, Georgia, and the USA.

The previous show offered the fans to watch live filming by doing a lottery in Lapland, Rotterdam and Loch Ness. Till now, no such details are yet announced for this new season. The first season was definitely a big hit on Amazon and did help Amazon get a big chunk of the online market pie share.s

What to expect from the new season?

After watching the releaser trailer and some early images of exclusive filming it can be said that this season is packed with harsher driving than season one. You will see Richard doing doughnuts in a military vehicle or stuck up in deep mud. With amazing locations and tracks for driving, this season is a must watch.

See Richard driving a tank in Dubai or stuck in deep mud in Mozambique with the vehicle and many more. See Jeremy trying to keep his feet dry in the new pictures. One celebrity brain crash was seen in the first season and fans of The Grand Tour are not hoping this type of scenes again in the new season. But, nobody knows what’s exactly in the new season! To know, we all must wait for the first episode till December 8.

Is there really Richard Hammond’s motorcycle crash in season 2?

Previously in 2006, Richard got injured due to a major car crash while he was filming Top Gear. Recently, Clarkson said that “the hamster” got some injuries due to a motorcycle accident. But, luckily he was not hurt so badly. He falls off a motorbike while filming in Mozambique but he his fine now. He has affectionately responded to his fans who were worried about his health. He banged his head on the ground. It’s possible that the fans might see the footage of the motorcycle accident. In the previous season, James May broke an arm. It looks like, that the actors are doing a tough job which is surely appreciable.

Will The Grand Tour season 2 be better than Matt LeBlanc’s Top Gear? 

This is a tough question to answer. Isn’t it? The first series of Top Gear was a disaster but the current series was a big hit and BBC’s efforts paid off. With endless resources at disposals, The Grand Tour was a bit overcooked.

The exclusive new season will begin streaming in Amazon Prime from December 8, with its first episode. The episode will be released at midnight. From that day onwards, each new episode will appear at midnight on every Friday.

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