Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

Recently launched action shooter game Star Wars Battlefront 2 is definitely the most stunning Star Wars game ever. If you would look at the videos of this game, you will find out the visual effects to be stunning and thrilling. This action shooter game is based on the franchise film of Star Wars. Star Wars Battlefront 2 was launched in this November at a price of 49.99 EUR and for INR 3,999 in India. You can play this massive shooting game on various platforms.

About Star Wars Battlefield 2:

DICE has worked really hard to make the game fun with a solid story for the single-player campaign. You will surely have immense fun while playing the single-player campaign.  While playing in the massive universe you will enjoy the story of Iden Versio’s place in the universe. You will surely enjoy while discovering the alternative perspective of what happened Jedi returned and The Force was awakened. It’s not easy to describe the plot of this game thoroughly but DICE has surely succeeded to add the classic style of Star Wars in this game. The player will feel the evilness of an Empire while its downfall. The dialogues in this game are well acted and you will see some iconic heroes including Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. The main highlight of the entire story of this game is the interactions between Shriv and Lando Calrissian.

Multiplayer mode:

Not only the single-player mode, but gameplay wise the multiplayer mode of this game also offers nice experience. This might be called as a refreshing spin on the core of the mechanics. You can find out your way through different missions and you can use various cool weapons and powers while playing the game. There are really useful against the other players in multiplayer mode. This is very enjoyable and fun to play with ease. You will get plenty of nods and winks while playing Star Wars Battlefield 2.


As said earlier, there are many separate missions to accomplish with a short campaign. DICE has no intentions to release updates for single player DLC in near future. The fans of star wars might find this news to be great. There are many more enjoyable contents while playing including fan favorite maps such as Hoth. The player will enjoy the incredible matchups while enjoying the story through playing.

With 11 locations all total, the ground combat is really amazing. This game offers five Starfighter matches with six multiplayer modes. If you are worried about the names then don’t worry as all maps are evenly distributed across every saga and each of the sagas is superb while playing. You will find out the sound effects and visual effects to be exceptionally brilliant. You can run around the marketplace or anywhere in the universes. The developer of this game has added every single detail possible.

Support and price:

If you enjoy playing games on a high-end PC or on Xbox One X or on Play Station 4 in particular, you can try out this gorgeous treat of Star Wars Battlefront 2. A feedback form is listed by DICE along with this game. The game has several features including multiplayer maps and campaign to amaze you with the entire visual plot. This game was released in this November with a price of 39,999 INR and you can order it anytime on Amazon. This First person shooter supports several platforms including PS4, Xbox One, and high-end PC.

The final verdict:

This action shooter game is definitely great but it has some major and undeniable flaws. It can be said that this game is spoiled by a terrible business model. It seems like, EA and DICE are now under a huge pressure due to the major flaws in Star Wars Battlefront 2. This game has already received criticism and backlashes from the Star Wars fans. This game definitely has great visual effects but has failed to impress the fans massively. If you want to order one you can do that on Amazon India. It prices around INR 3,999 and you can play this game in Play Station 4 or Xbox One X.

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